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March 19, 2016- "I called chimney guys for information based on a home inspection report.  They helped by providing me some direction on how to proceed based on images I was able to provide them.  I appreciate their prompt response."

Matt- Uniontown, OH

October 7, 2015- "The Chimney Guys are an exceptionally reliable company. They were called to my home at 2852 Mayfield Road in Cleveland Heights Ohio, to repair extensive damage to two chimneys, caused by illegal and dangerous routing of the vents. The owner of the upstairs unit routed the vents over 25 feet, which damaged both chimneys. To rectify the damages, liners were put in both chimneys. The exterior chimney had to be tuck pointed, and the vents rerouted safely. The job took a minimal time 4 days. The workmen were meticulous in all of the work, they cleaned up all the debris and left the property in spotless condition.
You can rest assure that all work done by Joe and his team will be prime, first class. You are free to drive by and see for yourself the chimney and vents, done at the above address."

March 10, 2016- "We were very happy with the work done by your company. It was all very professional, affordable and the job was done on time. Max even went above and beyond by filling in some concrete on our steps that had been falling away at no additional charge. That was very nice of him to do that and we appreciate immensely. For any future projects we will contact you - thank you!"
Renee Dudukovich

"On November 06, 2015, one of your employees came to my home and repair my chimneys and fireplace.  I just want to say he did a exceptional job.  He replaced damper, removed and replace both chimney crowns, removed and replaced damage bricks, caulk and repair flashing, clean chimney and repair firebox.  He cleaned up all debris. I will definitely recommend Chimney Guys Ohio to my family and friends. Thanks again,
K. Perry"

September 30, 2016  "Where do I begin? As of three months ago, we bought our first house (not to mention, a 100 year old duplex) in Lakewood.  As first time homebuyers (and landlords), we were new to all of the repairs. We had a rock solid home inspection and were days away from ditching our summer’s worth of sweat equity and enjoying a cruise to the Caribbean. Meanwhile our tenant called us out-of-the-blue,  early in the morning to notify us of a “smoke alarm going off.” Turns out, they were carbon monoxide detectors. Mid-way to work, we called the fire department and gas company.  They advised us that our tenant turned on the boiler with an extreme chimney blockage. Naturally, the toxins had nowhere else to go. C02 is one of the most serious health and safety issues that someone can run into.. thankfully, everyone was okay. All of the appliances were red tagged and the gas was shut off.
But now what? After calling numerous repair places, no one did the work that we needed. They all said it was “too labor intensive to bother”. That’s when the “Chimney Guys” stepped in… they were able to come out quickly for a quote. They immediately started work the next day, promptly at 8am. We needed two new liners put in due to a collapsed wall.  The Chimney Guys kept us informed throughout the entire process and even taught us a few tips/tricks. They were professional, thorough, and cleaned up well upon completion.
The Chimney Guys took a bad situation and made it so much better. The job was done right and we appreciate everything they have done to help us get our lives back in order as quickly as possible.  We would highly recommend them to anyone and stand behind their rock solid work.  We cannot thank you enough."
Caroline Detore

Alameda Ave. Lakewood

March 19, 2016- "Anyone needing chimney work done I highly recommend the chimney guys, they were able to complete job same day.  Price was great along with there service !!  
Thank you chimney guys,
Tammy - Terminal Park Ave. Cleveland


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